Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Writing's On The Wall.

Sometimes it's fun to convey a message, but sometimes it's fun to just flat out say it. I recently hung up a large film poster I won at auction by my favorite photographer, Bruce Weber in one of the bedrooms of my house. You're probably thinking, Good Bachelor, way to hang a giant sailor in the bedroom. And while there's a sexy element to the piece, I chose it because I love the film, his work, and it's a collector's item. I also love the pop of red not only on the poster, but in the whole room, which is draped in soft greys. The walls of the room are also a marriage of my own black and white photography and his. The words are the first thing I notice when I look at the print, and while the message is not "I love to eat Chop Suey," it got me thinking about the fun use of statements in our homes.

My first disclaimer is that I'm really not a big fan of the wooden signs in a lot of major chain stores that say things like "All Because Two People Fell in Love," "Faith, Family, and Friends," "Live, Laugh, and Love," "Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle," "If Mama Aint Happy, Aint Nobody Happy," etc. You get the picture. It's not that they're not cute, they're just becoming very common and you could totally make your own with a little acrylic paint and a piece of scrap wood from the shed. Maybe I'm just bitter, because I can't hang a sign over my bed that says "Always Kiss Me Goodnight" when I'm more likely to call my Mom and Dad before bed, and blow a kiss goodnight to Mr. Chop Suey over the night stand. Just kidding. Kinda.

However, there are so many great pieces out there that literally make a statement for you, yet are still really aesthetically pleasing and design smart. I think it's really fun to incorporate a message piece into a gallery wall of family photos, different pieces, etc. Also look for rooms that are appropriate to the messages being sent. Clearly you aren't going to hang the word "Eat" over the toilet in the guest bathroom, but think about your placement in relation to the overall picture and concept for the space. Here are a few fun examples:

I love both of these prints available at Reform House ( You can find the Keep Calm (copy of the infamous WWII Propaganda) through a lot of poster companies in a lot of different colors from red, to blue, to metallic gold. It could be a great message in a bedroom. I love the idea of incorporating the Perfect Together print, once again in a bedroom or in a gallery wall installation of wedding or family photos, providing a pop of color amongst all black and whites or just to provide a fun, focal point. Both images lifted from

If you like things a little funkier and it matched your decor, I really enjoy this guy. Not only does it conjure up thoughts of the old Nat King Cole classic..."the Rockies may crumble, Gibraltar may tumble, they're only made of clay. Our Love Is Here to Stay." Come on, you can't make that stuff up. So good. Once again, nice in a bedroom, in a gallery wall of family photos, etc. Image lifted from

I love the rustic gather sign from Sundance ( It's made out of metal and has a great texture. If red isn't your color, you could easily paint it a different color with some Rustoleum spray paint (I bought the "Eat" sign from the same company and just painted it white. See my "Bitchin' Kitchen" entry.) This could be great in a kitchen, with a nice farmhouse table, or on a back patio hanging on a brick wall. Anywhere friends and family will, you guessed it, Gather. Image lifted from

I think these Nikki McClure prints could be pretty fabulous and a fun alternative in a nursery or a child's bedroom. Not only are the images outstanding, but the choice of words and theme create a really dreamy feeling. I got them from Reform School online (make sure you type in reformschoolrules dot com and not just reformschool. Apparently, reformschool dot com is pretty graphic pornography. Learned that one the hard way, and I'm pretty sure they aren't selling anything you want to hang in your foyer. Regardless, the best part is I'm 99% sure you can get these prints from "O' Suzanna" on 4th Street NE in Downtown Cville. Yeah shopping local! If you do have to get them online, they're only $9.50 a piece.

All four images lifted from

These pieces show a variety of styles that could fit a lot of different spaces and design styles depending on how/where they're used. Just remember, sometimes it doesn't hurt to just say what's on your mind.



  1. Have you seen the sarcastic remakes of "Keep Calm..."? A couple years ago, the posters were all over Domino and Apartment Therapy and I think someone was tired of it. The spoofs say things like "Freak Out and Complain Loudly". :)

  2. Stop posting items that I have in my bedroom, I'm starting to get freaked out. Just kidding. I have the 'Keep Calm' poster in a metallic champagne color and it is lovely.