Friday, October 9, 2009

HOO Says You Can't Go Home?

Happy Homecoming HOOs!

It's a beautiful fall day here in Charlottesville and the Commonwealth as UVA Alums of all ages return to Grounds for a weekend of football, tailgating, trips to favorite restaurants and watering holes, cocktails on the Corner, and some serious reminiscing. If you've seen our football record, you'll understand the emphasis on tailgating and cocktails.

In the collegiate spirit, I wanted to share another of my favorite finds. Asgard Press ( does this amazing line of vintage football game program calendars. They've done calendars for a wide variety of schools, ranging from Alabama to Washington State. Not only are these images a phenomenal reproduction, and the best part is they come perforated and ready to tear out and be framed as perfect, standard 11 x 14 Prints. I did some prints from the 2009 calendar for my office at UVA, and am already loving the 2010 calendar that's about to come out.

So, even if you aren't a football enthusiast, or your Alma mater isn't listed, you can still think about this tip for your next art project. In the case of the UVA calendar, for $18.95, you get 12 frameable pieces of art (they're high quality, great weight to the pages), throw in some vintage frames from a yard sale or some cheap, simple black frames (typically made to fit an 11 x 14 certificate or award) from a craft store and you've got a great installation for your hallway, family room, office, etc. Love sailboats? Pick up a sailboat calendar. Love old movies? I've seen some great calendars with vintage movie posters ("Singin' in the Rain, Wizard of Oz, etc.)

If you can stand the wait, the best time to make this move is to wait toward the end of the calendar year. I mean, who's going to want a 2009 calendar in December 2009? You are, and you're going to get it for next to nothing. Where else are you going to get a series of 12 prints for under 20 smackeroos?

Until next time friends, be well, have a fantastic weekend, and Happy Homecoming HOOs!

WAHOOWA and Cheers,

P.S. For all Charlottesville followers and those nearby, if you're free tomorrow morning, swing by the UVA South Lawn from 9AM-1PM for the Annual Pancakes For Parkinson's. Pancakes is an annual breakfast hosted by UVA students to raise money and awarness for The Michael J. Fox Foundation and those individuals and families suffereing from Parkinson's Disease. It's one of my all-time favorite UVA events (I got to be Michael J. Fox circa Back to the Future one year in graduate school, Yeah Marty McFly!). The event is free, but donations are greatly appreciated. Tavern Pancakes and juice, served up with a smile from UVA students in the heart of Mr. Jefferson's Academical really doesn't get much better.

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  1. What a great idea! My Dad graduated from UVa (well, sort of. Back then, you could just go for 2 years and then straight into med school). I am going to get him the 2010 calendar for Christmas. Unfortunately, I didn't see my alma mater, William and Mary. But that might be a sore subject for you UVa fans...:)