Sunday, October 25, 2009

Freak Chic: A Ghost of a Post.

With Halloween creeping up quickly around the corner, I wanted to take a hot second to share a quick, easy, and beyond cheap Halloween-decorating tip: The Lamp Post Ghost.

While I can't take credit and say I came up with this concept in bed one night (although, I do dream of such design-related things), it's just too quick, easy, and beyond cheap not to share.

To make your lamp post into an instant Halloween ghost, drape the lamp post in any white fabric that you feel comfortable leaving outside. I used an old table cloth that has a stain on the back, but you could certainly use an old white bed sheet, buy some yards of inexpensive muslin or other white fabric. Once you have the fabric draped how you want it, secure it and define the head around the lantern with some string/twine (the string keeps the fabric from blowing off in wind).

To make a face (make any face you want, I went for a traditional ghost), cut out circles or shapes out of black trash bag (this will hold up in potential, unpredictable fall weather vs. using craft paper, or black construction paper). If you have black house paint and fee comfortable painting a face on, knock yourself out. Just don't use a craft or acrylic paint that's going to run in potential rain. Secure the cut out shapes in place using straight pins or small safety pins. Turn it on, and wait for dark. So Simple. Very Freak Chic and Halloween-a-Go-Go. Don't have a lamp post? I'm sorry, I know this must be hard for you. However, you could always try a smaller version using a porch light. Just don't put the fabric on an exposed lightbulb.

So, in five minutes, you have a fun, funky Lamp Post Ghost that is sure to delight you, your neighbors, and light the night for your local, little ghouls and goblins on Halloween.


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