Sunday, September 20, 2009

Strip Tease.

Meet 1 gallon of "Galactica" (it's a very soft, milky, beachy, greenish blue) **side note: I can't believe I bought a paint called "Galactica." All I'm ever going to think about is Battlestar Galactica. However, it's the color I was looking for. I guess it could be worse, I could go into the paint store looking for a particular color, only to find out the color I want is called "Bitter Blue" or "Jaded" or something equally as tragic. So if the spaceship fits, ride it.**

Where is Galactica going? Is it for a room? Is it to add new life to some flea market finds? Feel free to guess! (unless you're a friend who a. stayed at the bungalow this weekend, b. visited the bungalow this weekend, c. spoke to me on the phone today, or d. ran into me at the super market.)

Stay tuned to find out what happens when the bachelor with a slight case of interior design turrets wakes up early on a Sunday morning after an amazing weekend, with a spring in his step, a latte from Mudhouse, and an insatiable desire to do some damage.


P.S. Go back and check out my post on the Coral China from Caspari. I was shopping with a friend after brunch on Saturday and we ducked into Caspari. I snagged a photo of the china with my camera phone, and it looks like my "china" is a better match than I remembered. Killer.

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  1. Okay, I thought I had knew what was going on, but I just looked at the color on the color charts and I'm not sure any more. It's such a calm, cool color that I could see it in a bedroom, though my gut reaction was that it was being used to brighten up a hallway or bathroom.

    I don't know your style yet, so I'm looking forward to a reveal!