Friday, September 18, 2009

Oh, Friday. Where Have You Been All My Life?

Happy Friday, Friends!

In anticipation and preparation for one of my favorite out-of-town house guests this evening, I''ll keep this simple. In the spirit of treating my good friend to a weekend of "all things Cville," we're looking forward to many of the Cville weekend staples and downtown guilty indulgences (Fridays, brunch at Bluegrass, maybe a wine tasting, dinner and drinks on the Downtown Mall, etc.) If you're in town this weekend, you all should check out UVA's Symphony Under the Stars Saturday evening. The show features both the Charlottesville and UVA Symphony Orchestras. 8PM in the McIntire Amphitheater, and the icing on the cake, it's free. It looks like it's going to be a beautiful night On-Grounds, so come on out!

With many fun, fall weekends ahead, I thought I would also share UVA Magazine's "16 Things to Love About Cville in the Fall." Hopefully you'll add some of your personal, fall favorites to the list!

1. Leaves
2. Football Games (at this point, we'll call this debatable. My 45 yard line season tickets beg to differ. However, great opportunities to plan some pretty fabulous tailgates with friends.)
3. Skyline Drive
4. Trick or Treating on the Lawn (one of my all-time favorites)
5. Soccer Games in Klockner (my good friend Kyle used to be the UVA Mens Soccer Goalie. Great Memories and fun stadium.)
6. Wine Tours (Make Mine Virginia Wine)
7. Apple Picking at Carter's Mountain Orchard
8. Homecomings Weekend (even if you aren't an alum, lots of fun things going on!)
9. Music Under the Stars (Cville Pavilion, the aforementioned Symphony Under the Stars)
10. Hiking in Ragged Mountain Natural Area
11. Warm Days, Crisp Nights
12. The Virginia Film Festival
13. Watching Migration of Hawks Over Afton Mountain (I can't say I've ever done this, I'm actually kind of afraid of birds. Don't judge.)
14. Hot Air Ballooning
15. Foxfield Family Day (It's like Foxfield, without all of the DUIs, intense heat, traffic, and poor decisions...what a concept.)
16. Marching Band Practice (I used to live over off of Rugby Road, and I used to love walking home with the marching band practicing. It was especially fun last year when they were rehearsing for their Journey Medley. I mean come on, Separate Ways? You know you love it.)

So stop reading blogs, get out, and go enjoy all that our sweet, small, Southern city has to offer!
Have a great weekend and be well.



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