Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Head Bored.

I had been searching for a simple Headboard solution for the bed in the front guest room of the bungalow. Guests have always said the bed is super comfortable, but the room has always looked unfinished with the metal bed frame, mattress, and box springs just pushed against the wall.

I wanted something that felt light, airy, and matched the "beachy"/coastal feel of the guest room. I love for a guest room to be cohesive, yet eclectic. I think you have a lot of wiggle room when decorating a guest room, because you can play off the fact that your guests are coming to you from near and far, traveling, and leaving small pieces of themselves in the space. I like to think of a guest room as a collection of the people who have stayed there. So, I loved the idea of using a found/re-purposed object for the headboard to finish off the space.

I found my solution at The Covesville Store, located 15 miles South of Charlottesville on Route 29 toward Lynchburg. The Covesville Store is a treasure trove of antiques, vintage furniture, old fireplace mantels/surrounds, glassware, and really just anything you could imagine. They also keep their website and facebook up-to-date with their new arrivals!

Shopping with my friend Richard, we spent over an hour combing the different levels of the old general store building, not looking for anything in particular. After purchasing an old silver Hunt Club derby trophy (I love old trophies, they also make great centerpieces/vases for flowers) and a Diet Coke (my drug of choice), we set out to hit our next destination in Cville. As we were walking out, there it was, propped up against the side of the building. An old, black, metal screen panel. I swear the light was shining down on it like it does in a movie, like some beacon of hope, or like when the cute boy walks into the cafeteria in a movie and the rest of time stands still.

Like many former boyfriends, he was chipped, dirty, rusty, and not much to look at it,but I didn't care. I saw some major potential, and I knew he had to go home with me.

The best part? $25.00.

So, a little spray down, a scrub brush, 2 cans of Krylon Rustoleum white spray enamel later (1 can of spray primer, one can of spray paint), I had a new headboard in one afternoon. The panel, being a part of a screen or larger piece, already had holes along the side for easy hanging. Using 4 anchored screws, I threw that bad boy on its side and attached it to the wall. It reminds me a lot of the headboards from companies like West Elm, with the overlapping squares and grid patterns (which I love). So, I'm pretty thrilled with it.
For under $40.00, I was able to go from simply bored, to simply head board. And I can't wait for my next guest.

As always, keep it simple,


and P.S., don't judge the crappy cell phone pics. We don't judge in this house.


  1. I love the Covesville Store! And your headboard is fantastic. I have the same headboardless situation in my guest room. This is a great idea and it really does look like the West Elm day beds.